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Local Family Owned Electrical Company Servicing Sydney Eastern Suburbs And CBD

Smart Meter Installation, Repair & Replacement

JSE Electrical & Communcations provides smart metering services to energy retailers such as AGL, Energy Australia, Red Energy and Alinta Energy electricity authorities. We have a team of professionals who are highly experienced and skilled in meter replacements, meter breakdowns, and maintenance services. Our expert team is committed to ensuring the best safety levels are maintained while exceeding customer’s expectations and making sure optimal delivery is rendered.

Out With The Old


In With The New


Why Upgrade To Smart Metering?

  • Make it easier and cheaper to switch energy companies;

  • Simplify power connection when moving house through

  • remote connections;

  • Encourage a greater uptake of renewable energy;

  • More accurate billing and real-time information on energy

    usage and costs;

  •  Allow remote management of household ‘smart’ appliances

  •  Automatically alert energy companies to a power failure and

    identify the location; and,

  •  Support new product offerings, including new electricity tariffs

  • and services.


  • Customers who have household solar PV need a smart meter (or a time of use meter) to manage the use of solar power, the power it generates, and the power that it feeds back into the grid.

  • Customers who have a smart meter installed may also be eligible to apply for a state government solar feed- in tariff scheme to help offset the initial cost of the panel installation – schemes vary from state to state.

Our Metering Services Include

  • Solar gross to net replacement.

  • New connections

  • Volume electricity meter exchange.

  • Customer originated testing & investigation.

  • Installation of type 1–4 & type 5 meters over the national electricity market.

  • In place compliance and sample testing programmes

  • Site and equipment investigations and on-site meter reprogramming.

  • Meter disconnections, reconnections, and restrictions.

  • Detection of irregular connections and equipment defects.

  • 24hr Faults and repairs to energy retailers devices

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