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Air Conditioning


Benefits of Using Ducted Air Conditioners

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  1. Flexibility of choice for your unique circumstances

  2. Lower running costs offered from a wide choice of high energy rated units

  3. Zoning allows you to heat or cool different areas at different times, Many systems are enabled with programmable settings, reducing energy waste and further reducing the costs of running air conditioning

  4. Latest technology units and ducting mean that energy efficiency is increased, with latent temperatures controlled at the touch of a button

  5. Refrigerated ducted air conditioning reduces internal humidity, and circulates purified air several times every minute during the summer months

  6. With a wide range of units and components available, the overall system can be customised to individual taste and requirements, enhancing aesthetic qualities and further adding to the value of your home

  7. Systems can now be controlled through wi-fi applications, allowing full control of the system remotely, from a smartphone or Ipad.

  8. Ducted air conditioning is ideally suited to both new and existing homes, as first time installations or replacement of existing air conditioning systems

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